Viscount Unico CLV8

Viscount Unico CLV8

na objednávku Cena 11590€

Keyboards 3 x 61 notes „tracker touch“ keyboards, with velocity control for MIDI and Orchestra sections.
Pedalboard 32 notes straight, straight concave, radiating concave
Stop Type Tilt tab
Audio Amplifiers 4 x 60 Watt + 1 x 100 Watt
Speakers 9
Expression Pedals 2, Swell and Choir
Crescendo Pedal Yes, 16 steps programmable

Pedal 11
Choir 11
Great 13
Swell 15
Total Speaking Stops 50. Hundreds voices in the internal sound bank
Sound Styles 4 Preset + 4 User. Hundreds sound styles can be loaded and/or stored from/to internal memory and pen drive
Alternative Voices Selectable additional sound for each stop
Orchestra Voices Selectable additional sound for dedicated stop

General Pistons 10
Divisional Pistons 6
Memory Bank 16
Total Memories 160 general, 288 divisional, tens of thousands with pen drive
Piston Sequencer Prev – Next pistons
Toe Studs 12
Automatic Pedal Yes
Enclosed piston Yes
Couplers 3, with Stops, Pistons and Toe Studs
Transposer -6/+5
General Volume – Reverb Volume With rotary potentiometers
Divisional Midi Enable Yes
Orchestra and Midi Sustain Kick switch located on the side of the expression pedal
Pen Drive Mass Storage Usual Usb pen drive can be used as mass storage
Sequencer Remote Control Optional radio no directive 50 mt distance remote control with built in 2×16 display

DISPLAY 128 x 64 dots graphic with backlight
Edit Voice Parameters Stop by stop adjustable voice parameters
Divisional Volume Separate for each division
Tremulant 3, Separately for each manuals depth and speed adjustable
Reverberation 8 Types
Ensemble Effect Adjustable
Insufficient Air Pressure Effect Proportional to the active Voices
Tracker Keyboard Effect Yes
Historic Temperaments Kirnberger II, Kirnberger III, Werckmeister III, Werckmeister IV, Werckmeister V, Vallotti, Silbermann I, Silbermann II, Kellner 1975, Meantone, Meantone pure minor third, Zarlino, Sauveur I, Sauveur II, Barca, Rameau, Pythagorean; each with programmable „Tonic“ Key Note
Keyboards Inversion Yes
Output Router Stop by stop adjustable windchest layout
External Out Volume Control independent volume control for each channel
External Out 5 Band Equalizer independent equalizer for each channel
Internal Ampl. 5 Band Equalizer Yes
Midi Programmable Tx/Rx Midi Ch., Tx/Rx Midi Filter, Send PG, Keyb. Midi Velocity
Sequencer Interactive song sequencer with overdubbing function
Demo Songs Yes
File Management Copy, Load, Save, Rename, Delete etc.
Lock Organ With password

Midi In, Out, Thru Yes
Stereo Headphone Out Yes
Stereo Aux In Yes
Mic In With gain control
Multiple Line Out 4+1, (12+1 when replacing standard output board with optional expansion board)
USB (device) to PC (for „Physis Editor“) For finest finishing and personalization like Stop by Stop, Note by Note Volume and Pitch Regulation, Stop disposition, Internal and External Routing, etc. (optional)
USB (host) for Pen Drive Yes

Width x Height x Depth without Pedalb. cm 143x123x69
Width x Height x Depth with Pedalb. cm 143x123x111,2
Description Elegant console in dark or light oak color, elegant lighted music rack, roll cover and matching bench
Weight kg 161

Open Diapason 8′
Gedackt 8′
Gemshorn 4′
Lieblich Flute 4′
Nazard 2 2/3′
Flageolet 2′
Tierce 1 3/5′
Larigot 1 1/3′
Mixture III
Clarinet 8′
Tuba 8′
Swell to Choir
Double Diapason 16′
Open Diapason I 8′
Open Diapason II 8′
Hohl Flute 8′
Stopped Diapason 8′
Principal 4′
Harmonic Flute 4′
Twelfth 2 2/3′
Fifteenth 2′
Mixture IV
Double Trumpet 16′
Trumpet 8′
Clarion 4′
Swell to Great
Choir to Great
Lieblich Bourdon 16′
Geigen Diapason 8′
Chimney Flute 8′
Echo Gamba 8′
Vox Celeste 8′
Geigen Principal 4′
Wald Flute 4′
Fifteenth 2′
Sesquialtera II
Mixture IV
Contra Fagotto 16′
Cornopean 8′
Oboe 8′
Vox Humana 8′
Clarion 4′
Double Open Wood 32′
Open Wood 16′
Open Metal 16′
Bourdon 16′
Principal 8′
Bass Flute 8′
Choral Bass 4′
Mixture IV
Contra Bombarde 32′
Trombone 16′
Trumpet 8′
Great to Pedal
Swell to Pedal
Choir to Pedal