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Viscount Prestige 20

Viscount Prestige 20

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The Prestige 20 is the smallest organ in the Prestige Series and is ideal for home use or study. It offers almost all the features of the Prestige 40 in a more compact rocker tab configuration.
All voice configurations are editable. Optional Wooden music rack available on request
– 2-61 Note Keyboards with Special Tracker Touch
– 31 Voices
– 32 Notes AGO Pedalboard (Straight , or Straight Concave )
Manuals 2 x 61 keys tracker touch keyboard with dynamic control for MIDI
Pedalboard 30 Notes Straight or Straight concave
Stops 31 stops
Voice controls Volume – Attack time – Release detune – Tracking keyboard volume – Ensemble (Pipes detune simulation) – Possibility of sending the voices on 4 different Out(simulation of a windchest „somiere“)
General memories 6 * 8 banks programmable + HR
Tutti Programmable
Couplers Man.I/Pedal – Man.II/Pedal – Man.II/Man.I
Memory Banks 8
Divisional controls 6 thumb pistons for general memories, Set, Cancel, A.P. Enclosed and Tutti
Volume controls General, Man.I, Man.II, Pedal, Reverb
Pedals Expression pedal for Man. I/Pedal and Man.II
Manual Reverse Man. II – Man. I
Temperaments Equal, Meantone, Chaumont, Werckmeister, Kirnberger, Pythagorean, Vallotti, Kellner
Transposer -6 / +5 half tones
Reverb 8 different types of Digital Reverb
Equalizer 5 bands (digital) for the internal amplification and for each external output
Outputs 4 Main Outputs – 2 remote speaker system controls, 2 RCA (L/MONO – R) Master Outs
Inputs 2 Programmable Jack inputs – 1 Jack microphonic Input with gain control – 2 RCA (L/MONO -R) inputs
Midi In – Out – Thru
Midi Controls 2 selectable output and input channels for each section, Program Change, Adjustment of the key dynamic – transposer, filter
Output controls Volume, 5-band Equalizer, Delay time for each output
Floppy Disk Driver 3,5″ DD (720 Kb) e HD (1,44 Mb), MS-DOS formatted Floppy
File controls Read, format, copy, save (settings and memories), load of settings and memories, cancel, rename and file check
Sequencer With 4 indipendent tracks, till 60000 events, 1292 t.p.q.n. resolution, save on disk as Standard Midi File Format 1
Internal amplification 3 amplifiers for a total of 260 W. Delay time for each manual.
Loudspeakers 1 Woofer 12″, 2 mid-range 4″, 2 horn-tweeter.
Cabinet & accessories Wood veneered matt polished in dark or light oak. Lighted music rest, locking roll cover and matching bench.
Dimensions HxWxD/D w. pedalb. 118x127x67/100 cm
Weight 135Kg