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Viscount chorale 3 deluxe

Viscount chorale 3 deluxe

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Ideal either for practice at home or music classrooms and for churches, Chorale 3 provide simplicity and immediacy combined with quality of construction and richness of sounds.
The great user interface by the graphic display menu, the wide palette of organ beautiful sounds and orchestra voices, the flexibility of the instrument accomplish the wish the most demanding player.
Keyboards 2 x 61 keys – tracker touch keyboard
Pedalboard 30 notes straight or straight concave
Pedals 2
Stops 38
Total voices 170
Voices Style 6
Orchestra Voices 12
General Memories 6
Memory Banks 8
Controls Set – Cancel – A.P. – Tutti – ENC – HR
Memories Sequencer Previous and next
Couplers Man. I/Ped. – Man. II/Ped. – Man. II/I
Transposer +5/-6
Divisional Midi Enable Yes
Volume Controls Master – Man. I – Pedal – Reverb – Volume control for each stop
Display graphic 128×64 dots
Tremulant (Man. I and II) Depth/Speed separately adjustable
Reverberation 8 Types
Ensemble Adjustable
Temperament Equal – Kirnberger – Werckmeister . Pythagorean – Meantone – Vallotti
Keyboards Inversion Man. II – Man. I
Keyboards Midi Velocity Programmable
5 Band Equalizer Independent on internal amplification and each stereo line output
Output Router Yes
Midi Programmable Yes
Demo Songs Yes
Amplification 3 x 70 Watt
Speakers 2 tweeter + 2 mid-range speakers + 1 subwoofer
Midi In, Out, Thru Yes
Stereo Headphone Out Yes
Stereo Aux In Yes
Stereo Line Out Yes
Double Stereo Line Out Programmable
Reverb Stereo Line Out Programmable
Stereo Loudspeaker Out Optional
Dimensions without pedalboard (DxWxH) 56,8×126,4×119,1 cm
Dimensions with pedalboard (DxWxH) 96,6×126,4×119,1 cm
Cabinet and accessories Wood veneered matt polished in dark or light oak with matching bench