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Počet kláves: 76
Rozmery: 111 x 29 x 8.6 cm
Hmotnosť: 11 kg

Technická špecifikácia

76 polovyvážených klávesov
64-hlasová polyfónia
16 multitimbrálne partov
4 zóny split / layer
128 továrenských (výber z PC3)
64 užívateľských presetov
mnoho presetových multiefektových reťazcov (výber z PC3)
kontrolery: pitch wheel, modulation wheel, 1 programovateľný potenciometer
vstupy pre pedálový spínač (stereo vstup, podporuje 2 pedále v Y zapojenie) a kontinuálne pedál.


SP4-7 (SP76II) Features & Specs


Keyboard: 76-note, organ-length, semi-weighted action with velocity sensitive adjustable keys (Medeli KB76FPU)
Display: 16 character LCD w/ front-panel contrast adjust
Polyphony: 64 Voice Polyphony, dynamically allocated
Multitimbral: 16 parts (one per MIDI channel)
Quick Split/Layer: Easy access with adjustable relative volume (up to 4 zones)
Factory Presets: 128 (taken from the acclaimed PC3 sound set, including select KB3 organs and KVA synths)
User Presets: 64
Factory MIDI Setups: 64
User MIDI Setups: 64 (with 4 programmable zones for splits and layers)
Effects: Dozens of complex effect chains taken from the PC3, with everything from concert hall reverbs to amplifier simulations and rotary effects
Controllers: Pitch wheel, modulation wheel, 1 front panel knob, 1 switch-pedal input (supports optional, dual-pedal), 1 continuous control pedal input
Analog Outputs: Two 1/4″ balanced TRS analog (24-bit DACs)
Headphones: 1 rear panel 1/4″ headphone output
MIDI: In, Out
USB: Complete MIDI functionality over USB 

User program/setup file transfer to/from PC/Mac

Operating System updates from PC/Mac

FREE OS Updates: OS updates over USB
FREE Sounds: The SP4 can also load programs created on our PC3 and PC3LE series keyboards (*within the limits of the SP4’s DSP resources). Additional sounds are also available for download on our website (loaded over USB)