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sp5 8z 300x200 KURZWEIL SP5 8
sp5 8b 300x130 KURZWEIL SP5 8

Počet kláves: 88 s kladivkovou mechanikou (LK40GH)
Rozmery: 1392 x 350 x 120 mm
Hmotnosť: 21 kg

88-key, fully-weighted graded hammer-action with velocity and pressure sensitive adjustable keys (LK40GH)

2×20 character LCD w / front-panel contrast adjust

64 Voice Polyphony, dynamically allocated

16 parts (one per MIDI channel)

Quick Split / Layer:
Easy access with adjustable relative volume (up to 4 zones)

Factory Presets:
861 (taken from the acclaimed PC3 sound set, including select KB3 organs and KVA Synths)

User Presets: 64
Factory MIDI Setups: 65
User MIDI Setups: 64 (with 4 Programmable zones for splits and layers)

Dozens of complex effect chains taken from the PC3, with everything from concert hall reverbs to amplifier simulations and rotary effects

pitch wheel
Modulation wheel
5 front panel Sliders (with a 3-tiered shift button)
1 Programmable front panel switch
2 mono switch pedal inputs
1 continuous control pedal input

Analog Outputs: Two 1/4 „balanced TRS analóg (24-bit DACs)
Headphones: 1 rear panel 1/4 „headphone output
MIDI: In, Out
USB: Complete MIDI functionality over USB
User program / ​​setup file transfer to / from PC / Mac
Operating System updates from PC / Mac
FREE OS Updates: OS updates over USB

Power: External 15VDC 1.0A power supply